Developed for Personal projects in 2020
Tags: PHP Bootstrap Micro Frontends MariaDB

Note: I've blurred the image of the trophy, in case anyone doesn't feel comfortable with that.

Some more help for an acquaintance, this time with micro frontends.

More information

The acquaintance that I had helped previously in creating a responsible hunting system, now wanted some help with a hunting trophy gallery. I also helped them with bringing that idea to life, within the context of an already running system.

What I did

The larger system that I needed to integrate with was based on a bespoke CMS, which seemed not too well documented and somewhat brittle, so I chose an alternate approach - I developed my solution in isolation and then added a micro frontend, where necessary. This meant that both their solution and mine worked in conjunction, without the risks of issues with one impacting the other.

What I learnt

Frankly, the experience wasn't too bad. Of course, from within this component I couldn't interact easily with the rest of the page, but thankfully that wasn't necessary here. I do feel like the tooling for micro frontends isn't quite mature yet, so you end up with something like using iframes even in the modern day.

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