If you'd like to read my CV, then I've provided a PDF below for your convenience, which should show up in most browsers. I've decided to format it as a single page document, to keep it concise! To see my full work history and what other people have said about me, scroll down a bit further.

For downloading the file, use this link: Curriculum Vitae Kristians Kronis 2021.pdf download

Browser preview:

<span class="grey-text note-text"> It seems like your browser does not support displaying PDF files. It's probably better to just use the download link above. Otherwise I'd have to include additional plugins in the actual page, which would slow the site down for everyone. </span>
Originally I played around with the idea of the CV being generated on the site, but in the end settled on something simpler. The CV is actually a regular text document, which I made in LibreOffice. I've also decided not to include information that isn't relevant to my job, to keep it concise! If you have any opinions on the matter, feel free to share your thoughts with me!

Work History and Feedback

I couldn't actually fit all of the information about my work history within the CV, while keeping it short and concise. So, should you care about my entire professional career up to this point, feel free to have a look below, to read more about the companies I've worked for, what I've done for them and what some of my colleagues have said about me.

TODO - this feature is coming soon!

If you'd like to learn more about the technologies and practices that I've used, feel free to have a look at the About me and Projects sections on the site.