Events section for local food produce site

Developed for SIA "Autentica" in 2020
Tags: PHP Laravel React PostgreSQL Linux Ansible

A wholesome project about lots of local food related events.

More information

Here's a surprisingly relaxed project that I got to be a part of at work. There was this site that was focused on lots of local food related things, like where you can buy local produce. They wanted to implement a new section, which would allow scheduling events and would serve as the main source of information about them: time, location, possibly adding videos or a gallery, as well as the event plan, speakers and so on.

What I did

I got called in to bring this idea to life, which I diligently did, helping with everything from planning, to branching and deployments, including the actual development with PHP and Laravel. The progress was initially a bit slower than I would have liked, because there were lots of collaboration and process related things to figure out, though thankfully I was able to accomplish all of that in a timely manner. Once I had presented some tangible results, I could also onboard additional colleagues, who'd take over the longer term maintenance, since my help was needed elsewhere.

What I learnt

Overall, this project showed to me that Laravel is actually quite pleasant to work with. There is boilerplate, sure, but it's a platform that's comparable to the likes of Ruby on Rails - it lets you handle everything from admin panels and public views, to things like e-mail reminders and the underlying queues.

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