Farmer field management system

Developed for SIA "Autentica" in 2020
Tags: PHP Laravel React PostgreSQL Linux Ansible

Not quite Farming Simulator, but something to help with real world logistics.

More information

This was another public system that was intended to allow farmers to sign up and manage their fields more easily. The idea was that they could plan crop rotations, as well as fertilization of the fields, as well as manage their farm equipment digitally.

What I did

This project was a bit more complicated than what I might hope for, in comparison to some of the other systems that I've worked with - mostly in particular due to the accidental complexity. There's this "classifier" design pattern that I've seen, where development focuses around the EAV approach, as opposed to having one table per entity type, which in practice leads to awkward solutions.

What I learnt

Once you see someone messing around with having JSON with complex data inside of it instead of just a regular foreign key, you know that the design of the system has gone a bit wrong somewhere. If nothing else, some aspects of this project taught me what to avoid when I'm doing design work myself.

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