Developed for SIA "Autentica" in 2020
Tags: Node.JS Express.js S3 MinIO React.js

I actually made the homepage for the Apturi Covid (Stop COVID) app.

More information

Shortly after the pandemic became quite concerning, Google and Apple joined forces to implement a contact tracing solution. The idea behind it was to alert people of when they've been in close proximity with someone who has become infected, so that they'd know to self-isolate, to help combat the spread of the virus.

Each country got to develop their own contact tracing solution, while using the underlying technology, and I got to collaborate with around 100 industry specialists in my country on doing just that.

What I did

My responsibilities were taking the designs that were created by designers and bringing them to life. Because of the need to iterate quickly, I chose React as my front end library, which I used to great effect. Over the coming months, I developed and shipped around 70 iterations of the site, eventually even writing a custom lightweight CMS for allowing updating the data on the site.

What I learnt

I am still rather proud of the solution, because it was an example of a lot of people getting together and working with a common mission, not getting bogged down by processes and red tape (outside of legal concerns, of course), but rather embracing the true nature of agile development: focusing on the people and shipping working software.

On a social level, I learnt that no matter how much information people are given, some of them will be apathetic regardless and will choose not to participate in such initiatives because of their personal beliefs.

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