Developed for Personal projects in 2022
Tags: Fonts

Google Fonts is nice, but what about downloadable fonts for personal projects?

More information

I've used Google Fonts to great success so far, but not everyone wants to rely exclusively on web fonts, both because of relying on someone else's infrastructure, as well as over privacy concerns and so on.

What I did

Because of this, I built a minimalist alternative to host a few fonts that I rather enjoy. These fonts come with CSS files for hosting them on your site quite easily, as well as with sane presets towards loading them gradually. By now, I've switched both my homepage and blog over to them, in particular, the PT Fonts which I can also see myself using in the future for a few side projects.

What I learnt

Now, that particular site might actually be running on my homelab, so it's definitely not going to compete with Google Fonts and the use case is completely different from using them as web fonts, but it's still nice to be able to generate WOFF and WOFF2 fonts from TTF formats with just a few tools, and knock something together in an evening to put them online.

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