Hiring and technical interviews

Developed for SIA "Autentica" in 2023
Tags: Hiring Code Review

Despite being a developer at heart, I also have some experience in leading technical interviews.

More information

I've occasionally been asked to participate in the hiring process and help out the technical interviews for candidates who'd like to work at the organization. While there are many approaches to hiring, I think that both reviewing take home tasks and taking part in real time interviews are both good approaches.

What I did

Personally, I took part in both of these activities, both reviewing systems that others have developed as task submissions, to figure out which parts were good and which might need work in a professional context, as well as leading interviews to figure out more about them: as developers or just as people. I actually wrote a blog post about some of the approaches in detail, so feel free to have a look at that as well! You can even find the full template of a few nice questions there.

What I learnt

I'd have to say that being on the opposite end of the hiring process can be a rewarding learning experience, both in regards to how bring out the best of people, figure out what they might need to improve, as well as to apply the same reasoning to myself.

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